Crypto 314 Ads Launch Special

Welcome to Crypto314, a new media platform and community based around cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. We believe in freedom of speech, freedom of commerce and freedom of finance which is why we are so excited about the blockchain space and community. It really has been a beautiful thing to see grow since the early days, however 2017has truly shown massive growth in the industry leading to the creation of Crypto 314. All products, affiliate or advertiser on will go through an evaluation and screening process. We do not intend to use services akin to google adsense for advertising on our site and mass media buys will not be available as we aim to support and build long term relationships with any product or affiliate offer on Crypto314. Currently available are spots for advertising on the website and on the Crypto 314 podcast with professionally recorded commercials or personal live reads by the host of the Crypto314 podcast to be launched in late September and distributed via, Itunes, Google Play, Youtube, Tunedin and all other relevant podcasting platforms.

As a gift to our early adopters and people that believe in the Crypto 314 brand, we are offering some ridiculously low advertising rates to get the ball rolling.

*Offers are only valid until October 3rd or when sold out.

**All fees are acceptable via Bitcoin or Ethereum only!

List of current inventory and rates: 

  • $300 3 SPOTS: Sidebar ads for 4 months.
  • $500 2 SPOTS: Crypto314 Podcast 30 second commercial within Podcast. *live read or professionally produced
  • $200 2 SPOTS: Crypto314 Podcast Intro Preroll 10-15 second Ad: 6 Episodes(launch episodes) *live read or professionally produced
  • $200 2 SPOTS: Crypto314 Podcast Outro 10-15 second Ad: 6 Episodes(launch episodes) *live read or professionally produced

Please Contact Us and tell us more about your project and advertising needs and a sales rep will reach out to you shortly: