The Crypto 314 Token

Token Details

  • Supply: 314,159,265
  • Platform: Waves
  • Asset ID: 6ECpWJBuC7o8oTF7dp7vso625skD2AtCPEbB679r7Rjd
  • Non- Re-issuable



  • Create Crypto314 Token for “How to create your own crypto currency” educational video ✔️ 
  • Use to promote
  • Airdrop to Crypto314 community
  • Use to further experiment with Waves platform for educational content
  • Distribute as bonus to Crypto314 writers and advertisers
  • Further experimentation

*The crypto314 token is not an investment nor stake in It is not an asset. The Crypto 314 Token is a community based cryptocurrency for Crypto 314 fans and is only worth what people are willing to trade for it.